The Wagon
2321 KY-94 E Murray, KY 42071


Murray, KY

I LOVE The Wagon! So many vendors, offering so many unique items. I always find things I never knew I needed! Like today, I found an awesome coffee table for my sitting room and for only $20.00!

Murray, KY
We *completely* furnished (2) homes solely from The Wagon in Murray. From Furniture, Kitchenware, Linens, Knick Knacks, Pictures, Office Supplies, Lamps, Tables, TV Stands, Dressers, every single home furnishing you can think of ! ALL Completely Under Budget !was Clean, Organized, and Uncluttered. The Wagon in Murray is a 10 Star store, among a 5 star available rating.
Springfield MO

Passing through area. Heard radio commercial was enticing so I stopped by. Comfortable atmosphere, well laid out floor plan, and pleasant staff. Will stop again next time by.

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